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Our Pastor's


"But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you"
Matthew 6:33

Senior Pastor Miguel Quinones:

Born and raised in Rosenberg Texas, Pastor Miguel has come to know the in's and out's of Rosenberg. At a very young age he was well known as someone to cause trouble. Having lived a life of alcohol, sex and drugs, he was faced with many challenges which ultimately led him on a downhill path of destruction. Through a course of events he had a divine encounter with God which led him to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Together with his wife Blanca ,of 17 years, they discovered their calling into ministry and founded Kingdom Church. With more than 15 years of ministry experience, their lives became a walking demonstration of Matthew 6:33 where seeking first the Kingdom of God became a life style. Together, they have dedicated their lives to give back to the city Miguel has taken so much from.

Pastor Miguel loves people and he strives to become a better person every day so that he can better others. His greatest joy is to see people who are facing great challenges end up as victors and not victims. Pastor Miguel is a husband, a father, an author, a speaker, a role model, and a mentor.

A word from Pastor Miguel:

"I want to take a moment to give you some idea of what we're all about. First, here at Kingdom Church we're all about Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is who he says he is, the Son of God who came and died for our sins. Secondly, we're all about people. Every person who walks through our doors is important to us, so if you ever feel like you're not important, we're doing something wrong and I give you permission to tell me about it. As a group of God's people we care about you and your family and we're here not only to feed you spiritually, but to help in any way we can. We love doing it and it's why we exist! Thirdly, we're all about relationships. Our hope is not only to cultivate and grow meaningful and positive relationships , but also go further by growing in relationship with God. Christianity is all about a person, and less about a set of rules. That means that we exist to be in a relationship with Someone, that's Jesus, and merely not to obey a religion. I want to encourage you to come out and worship with us."

First Lady Blanca Quinones:
Blanca Quinones is the wife of Senior Pastor Miguel Quinones and is the First lady of Kingdom Church in Rosenberg, TX.

Blanca strives to be an example of a virtuous woman -- a woman who is yielded to God in every area of her life. Blanca humbly serves as her husband’s helpmate, as she raises her son Isaiha and ministers to her adult child Briana. The Lord has given her a passion for ministry in every area of her life.

Blanca continues to aim toward and produce excellence in all of her ministry opportunities. She has a heart for people and is a committed prayer warrior. Her life is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and woman how to live up to their full potential in Christ. She is a wife, a mother, an author, a speaker, a role model, and a mentor.

She is a walking demonstration of the Proverbs 31 woman; strength and honor are her clothing, and as a woman who fears and reverences the Lord, she is praised.

Miguel & Blanca Quinones

Senior Pastor & First Lady

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